Creative and design direction for Terminal A, Away's airport inspired pop-up. Set in Soho for 10 days, the experiential campaign showcased Away's new line of plus ones that complement core luggage to create the perfect travel uniform. Launched to bring the brand philosophy of elevated, seamless travel to life, the space mimicked a typical airport flow. Visitors receive a boarding pass at check in, pass security scanners detailing product features, and ultimately end at Away's Uniform Shop, where one could purchase and customize products via onsite monogramming artists. Terminal A also had a tongue-in-cheek departures board and Houston News, a playful riff on the traditional airport kiosk with specially made items for the event.

Working closely with the copy and experiential teams, I led the in-house design team to build a holistic brand for the experience—including a flexible design system, print, environmental signage, iconography, and packaging for the breadth of newsstand items.

Completed at Away
Role: Design Director
Senior Designer: Regina Puno
Designers: Ryan Dutch, Bella DiMarzio
Copy: Trace Barnhill, Kaela Myers
Production Agency: Invisible North

Photos by: Stephanie Nortiz, Timothy Shivers